5 Key Elements for Effective Website Navigation

Effective website navigation is very important in today’s digital world wherein almost everyone has a digital presence since the navigation is crucial in the overall user experience of the user wherein the visitor of the website will not experience any difficulties such as locating specific information. Especially since not everyone is considered to be tech-savvy when it comes to website navigation, plus the user interface must be easy to understand and the placement of information must be clear and free from malware.

Effective website navigation elements

  1. Clear and Consistent Navigation – the navigation menus must be easy to locate and has clear labels, as the buttons and the links must always be working when being pressed by the user. It must not go to another website that will constantly confuse the user and it must be free from online advertisements that can irritate and ruin the overall user experience.
  2. Simple and Intuitive Navigation – the entire navigation screen and outline of the website must be simple and easy to navigate especially when the user is locating some pieces of information. Especially the hierarchy of the website interface and the different sections of the website, avoid having pop-up website tabs because it might confuse the user and simply look at it as a website that is not secured.
  3. Search Functionality Features – it is important for the website to have a search bar wherein the user would just type the specific information that he/she is looking for on the website since having a search bar can be faster when searching for a piece of specific information. Search bars must always be located in the middle or in the top right corner of the website for easy access.
  4. Mobile-Friendly Navigation – the website must not only look good on a computer but also be optimized for smartphone and tablet interface because not everyone has access to a computer which is they turned to use their smartphones. It is always recommended to have the website much simpler looking when it is being optimized for smartphones because they usually have limited screen sizes plus the buttons must still be clear and easy to read.
  5. User Testing and Feedback – finally it is always important to have a user feedback option that is accessible to the user to be able to gather enough information about their experience in using the website. This will provide additional insight into what can be improved on the website’s overall user interface. By also having this feedback you can also identify some internal issues such as malware infection or viruses that jeopardized the integrity of the website.

Overall these are some of the elements that must be kept in mind when it comes to website navigation because nowadays digital presence is always important especially if you have a business and you want to be noticed in the online world, plus by having a digital presence and easy website navigation will give you and your potential clients a glimpsed of your website and your business.